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Analog Switches

Part Number Description On Resistance On Capacitance Supply Voltage Range -3dB Bandwidth Package
RON (Typ.) at 3.6V C(ON) (Typ) at 3.3V VCC Hz(Typ)
AOZ6184QT High Speed USB2.0 DPDT; Bandwidth 1.1GHz 8.0Ω 3.6pF 1.65V to 4.5V 1.1G QFN1.8x1.4A_10L
AOZ6185QT High Speed USB2.0 DPDT w/ Flat Ron; Bandwidth 990MHz 7.2Ω 1.9pF 1.65V to 4.5V 990M QFN1.8x1.4A_10L
AOZ6186QT High Speed USB2.0 DPDT; Bandwidth 960MHz 7.0Ω 5.0pF 1.65V to 4.5V 960M QFN1.8x1.4A_10L