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AOS provides best-in-class power management solutions combining Power Discrete and IC technologies. The portfolio of products includes EZBuck™ Step-down DC/DC regulators, EZBoost™ Step-up DC/DC regulators, linear regulators, EZPower™ smart load switches, analog switches, and power factor correction (PFC) devices. AOS’s approach is to provide high power density solutions to reduce design complexity and development time.

Part Number Description Status Recommended Replacement Integrated Schottky Package Min V (in) Max V (in) Max I (out) Min V (out) Max V (out) Operating Freq
AOZ1905DI 2.7V to 5.5V EZBoost Regulator - - No DFN3x3_10L 2.7 5.5 null Vin*1.2 24V -
AOZ1915DI 2.7V to 5.5V EZBoost REgulator - - Yes DFN4x3_12L 2.7 5.5 2A Vin*1.2 24V -
AOZ1977AI High Voltage LED Driver Controller - - No SO-16 8 - - - - -
AOZ1977AI-1 High Voltage LED Driver Controller - - No SO-16 8 - - - - -
AOZ1978AI Dual Channel LED Driver Controller - - No SO-20 8 - - - - -