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AOS发布 600V 低电阻和快恢复体二极管的 αMOS5™ 超结 MOSFET解决方案 详情 »


AC-DC Product Family

With an innovative control scheme, high-performance MOSFET technology, and highly integrated, thermally enhanced packaging technology, AOS’s AlphaZBL™ (Active Bridge Recifier) and AlphaSTR™ (Super Transient Regulator) products provide complete high-efficiency AC-DC power converter solutions. AOS’s AlphaSTR™ platform products provide high-efficiency, compact, AC-DC adaptor solutions in the 15W to 65W range for various smart phone, notebook and consumer applications. The AlphaZBL™ products have an even wider range of applications in various AC-DC power supplies from 30W to over 1000W and enable designers to achieve efficiency gains by replacing lossy bridge rectifiers with active bridge rectifiers.

AlphaZBL™ Primary Side Converter Secondary Side Converter USB PD Controller Coreless Pulse Transformer


  • AlphaSTR

  • AlphaZBL

Reference Design and Test Report


AOS USB Type-C PD Charger Compatibility Certificate PDF
AOZ7000 UL Certification PDF
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