Quality & Reliability


Quality is designed in—from product inception to delivery.

AOS applies total quality management in every part of our business process.

Our Philosophy

We focus on:

  • Customer Satisfaction: AOS places customer satisfaction first because we know our success depends on our ability to satisfy our customers
  • Continuous Improvement: All AOS employees understand we must continue to improve our competitive advantage over competitors
  • Total Participation: Every level of the company participates in building the quality of products and services
Quality Management System
Quality Management System

Through our unique quality improvement initiative, AIMQ (AOS Integrated Manufacturing Quality), the quality and reliability are designed in our products and manufacturing is strictly controlled to ensure that the performance of our products conforms to the desired quality and reliability as determined at design stage.

Quality in Design
Quality in Design

The DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) methodology is adopted in the design and development of our new products and processes, with the goal to have Quality designed from the start so that the variability of the critical parameters, which were dictated by customers' requirements, are optimized for predictive product performance, manufacturability, and reliability.

Quality in Manufacturing
Quality in Manufacturing

The quality management system of AOS and our key subcontractors is in compliance with the SSQA requirements. SSQA stands for Standardized Supplier Quality Assessment, which is a set of world class quality standards developed by SEMATECH.

Our dedicated foundry and subcontractor management teams work closely with their respective foundries and subcontractors to monitor the quality of our products and ensure that manufacturing of our products is in strict compliance with the relevant process control and monitoring procedures and product requirements.

Product Reliability Reports

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